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Red Dead Online - The Bounty Hunter’s Kit giveaway

A Free Bounty Hunter License, Bolas, Tracking Arrows and much more to draw you back into The Old West.

(Credit: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar have announced a new giveaway promotion for Red Dead Online that sees a plethora of gifts delivered direct to your nearest post office or lockbox. This promotion applies to any players logging on between February 4th -10th.

The Full list of inclusions:

also includes sale items in the various stores

  • Free Bounty Hunter License - usually 15 Gold Bars

  • 25 Bolas - a thrown weapon to subdue opponents

  • 25 Tracking Arrows - used to stop bounty targets from escaping

  • 25% off Stable Slots

  • 40% off the Breton, Kladruber, Cirollo & Norfolk Roadster horses

  • 40% off selected Emotes

Playstation Plus members exclusive content:

  • 3 free Mash Refills for their Moonshiner Business

  • 3 free Trader Resupplies

Twitch Prime members who link their account with the Rockstar Social club will also recieve:

  • The Collector's Bag

  • The Polished Copper Still upgrade

So if you haven't visited The Old West recently, you might want to saddle up and take advantage of these great giveaways.

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