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Resident Evil 3 Remake demo coming, and soon.

According to reports Capcom could be about to give us all a sneak peek of Resident Evil 3 Remake just in time for its full release on April 3rd.

Capcom officially announced the demo earlier this month but didn't provide a release date. We now believe that date to be March 20th. This information comes from "industry insider" AestheticGamer a.k.a Dusk Golem and if he's to be believed we could all be playing Resident Evil 3 this weekend.

Its unclear what the trailer will entail, however due to the success of the Resident Evil 2 "1-shot demo" we can only assume there will be a similar style to this one.

Either way though we are super hyped to be playing a 2020 reimagining of a capcom classic. If this game is anything like the recent Resident Evil 2 remake then its shaping up to be amazing.

We will bring you more info as or when it becomes available. Will you be downloading the Resident Evil 3 remake demo? Head on over to Facebook and let us know.

Check out the trailer here:

- Gaming Australia

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