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Retro Horror Title CULTIC: Chapter 1 Available Now!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Rise up, fight back

3D Realms’ Retro Horror FPS title CULTIC: Chapter One is available now on PC via Steam. Enjoy this classic, old school visual horror themed shooter mixed with modern combat! - and just in time for Halloween.

In Cultic, you'll step into the shoes of a disgraced detective - and it'll be up to you to investigate the secrets of an insidious cult that lurks. The first chapter opens up this dark case with 10 levels. You'll be looking for answers in abandoned shipyards, and even spooky moldering catacombs (See, perfectly timed just in time for Halloween!)

Improvise, play-your-way and take advantage of the objects around you to battle off the devious cultists, spooky monsters and savage bosses. Chapter Two will continue the story in a future release.

I know I'm keen to check this horror title out!

Check out the trailer below

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