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ROG Cetra True Wireless Ear Buds Review

I have been using the ROG Cetra true wireless earbuds every day for the last month or so, and while I initially wasn't a huge fan, due to the fiddly controls. The more I use them the more I like them.

Ok so out of the box, the ROG Cetra are unmistakable a gamers earbud, the harsh lines, RGB lighting and a case that looks like an alien pod ensure there's no mistaking the Cetra for a regular set of earbuds. I am of course being a little facetious, and while yes, the cetra does come complete with RGB lighting, it's not quite as flashy as you might think. In fact, it's quite subtle and actually quite useful, acting as an indicator to let you know the status of your earbuds, just done in a more gamer way than most earbuds. The case for the ROG Cetra is quite simply the best case of any wireless earbuds I've tested, whilst looking like that “alien pod” like i stated, it is actually perfectly shaped to sit in your pocket without taking up too much real estate. The absolute best thing about the charging case though is the way in which it houses the earbuds. They sit very invitingly and due to the strength of the magnets they sit perfectly each and every time you place them back. In fact the magnets are so strong that you can drop the earbuds into the case from approximately 4-5cm away and that magnet will pull it into place. This is very convenient especially in dark conditions when you're not quite sure how the earbuds need to sit.

The biggest let down for the ROG Cetra True Wireless Earbuds is undoubtedly the touch controls. Not only are they extremely easy to accidentally press, but the lack of audible beep when doing so leads to plenty of double presses and a lot of frustration. The left earbud switches between the different ANC modes and the right earbud is for media control such as pause, skip and to enable/disable gaming mode. On paper it's pretty straight forward, but in reality it is extremely frustrating and I actually found myself on quite a few occasions accidentally changing the ANC mode when simply putting the earbuds in. That being said, there is a fine art to the touch controls and when you do get used to it, they are actually pretty responsive.

Battery life is pretty impressive coming in at an official “27 hours”, 4.5hours in the earbuds and 22.5 hours from the case, however I regularly get 6-8 hours out of my earbuds as i wear them all day at work except when I take them out to make the odd phone call. So it's definitely more than 27 hours in my experience.The case is also charged by either USB-C or wireless charging and in fact just a 15 minute charge will give you an hour and a half of playback time. The battery life was much lower however when it came to low latency gaming, this number was much closer to a 3-4 hour battery life which if you're planning on a longer session then these might not be the answer.

In terms of sound quality, which lets face it, is probably the most important factor when it comes to any headphones let alone in ear wireless earbuds as they will no doubt be used for much more than just gaming. I used mine not only for games but to listen to music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, Youtube and even an audiobook and I can tell you categorically that they sounded excellent across the board. Going in, I honestly expected them to sound pretty average being that they are “gaming earbuds” . I expected a lot of bass and not a lot else, but I was genuinely impressed. No overemphasis, just clean, crisp audio. This is further helped by the damn good ANC these things have. The ability to block out background noise as well as they do, means you don't have to have your audio blaring leading to a much more pleasant listening experience and it means that the 10mm ASUS driver can handle everything you throw at them with ease. The ANC definitely isn't market leading, but it's good, probably on par in my opinion with the Apple Airpods Pro.

If you're getting these earbuds for gaming there's a few things you should know, as mentioned above, there is a dramatic difference in battery life when using them in their ‘low latency gaming mode’ this shortens the battery life in the buds to about 3-4 hours. This might not be an issue for some, however if you're planning on a marathon session then I’d definitely recommend a proper set of over ears or even a wired headset. Low latency mode however, works really well. It took me a while to pair them, but once I did they worked flawlessly.



  • Excellent Sound

  • Bad Touch Controls

  • Unique Design

  • Poor Software

  • Compact

  • Doesn't stop automatically once removed

  • Good Fit

  • Good ANC

  • ANC works when only using one bud

Overall the ROG Cetra True Wireless Earbuds are an excellent all round pair of earbuds. Whether it be for gaming, music or watching movies on the go, these will not let you down. The only downside being those poor touch controls, but if you can look past that you won't be disappointed.

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