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ROG Harpe Ace Mouse Review

The ROG Harpe Ace is yet another high performance gaming mouse from ASUS aimed at both hardcore and casual gamers. Its sleek design, lightweight build and top-tier performance make this a formidable mouse for just about everyone.

The Harpe Ace boasts a minimalistic yet stylish design full of clean lines and a sleek matte finish that exudes a really premium feel. The build quality is exceptional for such a lightweight mouse, often lightweight mice come at the expense of build quality but the Harpe Ace is solid while weighing in at around 54 grams. This ensures it can be used for extended periods without causing tiredness. This is particularly beneficial for both gaming and for work.

The ergonomic design of the Harpe Ace is well thought out, it fits very comfortably in my hand and I feel like it would regardless of grip style.The slightly textured surface enhances grip and prevents slipping even through the most intense sessions. The mouse also comes with additional rubber stickers to enhance grip even further whilst also adding a little personalisation and design elements if you want something a little louder.

The harpe Ace offers an impressive sensitivity of 36,000 DPI ensuring precision through tracking and very swift responsiveness. This makes it an excellent choice for competitive gaming when high speeds are essential. The Harpe Ace also supports a polling rate of up to 1000 Hz delivering a 1ms response time.

I actually found myself using the Harpe Ace as my daily driver, Using for work for 8 hours a day. I can honestly say it has never missed a beat. Whether you're working on spreadsheets, editing photos, or browsing the internet. The smoothness and accuracy of the sensor ensures that your every move is translated with precision, reducing any strain on your hand and cutting down on unnecessary movement.

The mouse buttons are tactile and responsive, delivering a satisfying feedback with each and every click. The scroll wheel is equally nice to use, with distinct steps making scrolling through the longest of documents effortless.

Through the Armory Crate software you can change settings such as DPI settings, polling rate, RGB profiles and Button assignments. The built in memory allows you to save multiple profiles and switch on the go with ease

The ROG  Harpe Ace can either be connected via a USB C Cable or wirelessly using the 2.4GHz wireless dongle or Bluetooth. I find myself using the Bluetooth connection for work and the 2.4GHz connection for gaming or anything needing a little extra responsiveness rivalling a wired connection. Battery life is impressive, I haven't really “measured this as such, but have gone a solid 2-3 weeks of 8 hours a day use without charging it. Asus rates this at 90 hours with RGB off, so a very impressive number if correct.

Despite being a very positive experience there is a certain aspect of the ROG Harpe Ace that I dont love. One that affects all ROG peripherals , and one that I really hope gets some attention in the near future. This id of course, the Armoury Crate software. It, like almost every software in the same realm, is unnecessarily complicated and hard to navigate. The software also seems to have a heavy impact on PC performance while running in the background. I have seen a few complaints online of wireless connectivity issues, although its truly only a handful of people by the looks of it and it seems to be resolved almost always by keeping the firmware up to date

The Harpe Ace, like almost every ROG product on the market, is truly top tier. It excels in both design and performance. It's lightweight, and feels super premium in build quality, this makes it a joy to use for both gaming and work. While the software has a learning curve, the customisation options are worth the effort. This 9/10 mouse is nearly perfect. Its a worthy investment for anyone looking for a fantastic all rounder.


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