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ROG Strix Scope RX Review

The ROG Strix Scope RX is what I'd call a very premium feeling keyboard from Republic of Gamers. Featuring Optical Mechanical switches, each keystroke is crisp and effective, really giving you the confidence you need going into your favourite game.

If you don't know what an “optical mechanical” switch is, it's basically this. Rather than the usual mechanical switches these “optical mechanical” switches are actually activated by a beam of light being broken by the key when you press it. It's also important to note that these switches are linear so you lose that tactile bump that a lot of people prefer, it's completely down to personal preference. Another thing to note, and I could be wrong here, but because of the keycaps' unique design, I can't imagine there being much available in the way of adding your own custom keycaps to this board. So, you know, if that's your thing, maybe look elsewhere.

Out of the box the Strix Scope RX looks great, its combination of both what I'd call “gunmetal gray” finish and the RGB really make the Scope RX stand out. That floating key design is very “gamer like” and personally, I love it. It looks both professional and super “gamer-ish” depending on your level of RGB of course.

In terms of performance the Scope RX performs actually pretty well, each button press is super responsive, possibly down to these switches having an actuation point of just 1.5mm compared to the usual cherry red switch actuating at about 2mm. However combined with the scissor stabilizers in each switch did not lead me to accidental presses etc. So this is a massive win for gaming, you get that elite responsiveness from the 1.5mm actuation without the rage inducing sensitiveness you normally would. Another big benefit of these scissor stabilizers is the lack of wobble you get with these keys, while there is still a very slight amount, it's almost non-existent and would have to be, hands down the most stable keys I've ever felt.

While on paper the ROG Strix Scope RX is relatively basic in terms of features, I think it has everything that is in my opinion important and simply skips the things that aren't. For example, while it doesn't have the on board display or gimmicks that some of the more expensive keyboards on the market have, it has a USB passthrough, it’s waterproof and dust resistant and features all your standard features such as adjustable profiles and macros etc.

Another very interesting feature of the Scope RX and one that I never realised I needed until I had it. This is of course the “stealth key”. The stealth key is exactly what you may assume, it's basically a button (F12) that when you press it, immediately minimises all windows and mutes all audio. Now i know what this key will in fact be used for *cough* PORN *cough*, but in terms of intended use, this button is there presumably for gaming at work etc, so that once your boss enters the room any proof that you were ever gaming is gone. Very useful in my opinion.

Lets touch on the waterproof aspect of this keyboard a little, while I wouldn't recommend you submerge it in water, you are completely safe if you spill a glass of water etc on it, simply drain the excess water off it and keep on gaming. This is very handy and while you might never need it, you'll be extremely grateful for it when you do.

Another big thing for me, and one that again is personal preference, is that the Scope RX is a full size keyboard, personally i wish all keyboards were full size, especially those that are wired, I don't know why extra keys is ever a bad thing but hey, you might have a very practical reason why you prefer smaller keyboards. I'm just telling you what I prefer.

Overall, the ROG Strix Scope RX is probably the most all round keyboard I've tested. It's got all the features you need, put skips on the ones you don't, which in turn keeps the cost down and the build quality high. These switches are pretty revolutionary in terms of feel, responsiveness and stability which only enhances both your gaming experience and your everyday use experience. You'll do well to find a better keyboard at a better price point than the Scope RX.

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