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Rust is coming back to Call of Duty.

Infinity Ward have some-what revealed that fan favorite map Rust is set to return to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

One of the most popular maps in the Call of Duty franchise is set for a return as part of Call of Duty Modern Warfare's Season 2 content update starting on February 11th.

Rust was extremely popular back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 due to its small size and extremely fast paced style. "Rust is the 'spiritual successor' to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's Shipment. While the majority of Rust's layout is different, the two maps are both very small maps with square layout. This is also one of the more multiplayer-flexible maps. Close range weapons will work arguably the best here, but longer range weapons such as assault rifles, light machine guns and semi-automatic sniper rifles can perform well too. Due to the small size of the map, players will spawn within close proximity to each other. Occasionally, players will spawn directly in someone else's line of sight, resulting in very quick kills. There are very few viable camping spots as most locations are exposed or easily accessible."[1]

So far infinity ward is yet to officially announce this information however the reason we know it is happening is that back in July 2019 Infinity Ward sent out an Augmented Reality card to popular COD fan sites and social media platforms. These cards were updated as of February 7th showing season 2 content and you guessed it, rust is in the background of one of the images with the words "SEASON TWO" in the foreground.

Season 2 starts in 2 days and has also suggested that fan favorite character Ghost could also be making some sort of return, however were unsure how exactly how this will happen. We will keep you updates as any new information comes to light.


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