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Samsungs QD-OLED Line, A Worthy Challenger to LG Supremacy?

Samsung will begin trail runs of its production line for Quantum Dot (QD) displays next month. The line, dubbed Q1, at its factory in Asan, was designed to produce QD-OLED (organic light emitting diode) panels. QD-OLED will be the first iteration of Samsung's QD displays, beginning mass production in 2021.

Image: Samsung Display

Samsung Display dominates the small OLED sector for smartphones but it is in need of a new revenue stream in large panel TV's. LG Display has been the sole producer of large OLED panels so far with the likes of their CX and GX models being heralded as the cream of the crop for Gamers and reviewers alike. The QD-OLED technology promises to simplify production of OLED-based televisions and monitors, as well as enabling wider color gamuts, which is something expected from next-generation content. Contemporary WOLED panels from LG Display use a blue or white OLED emitter stack, and a WRGB colour filter system on top with a variety of additional layers behind, between, and ahead of them. By contrast, a QD-OLED panel uses an OLED emitter stack with a quantum dot RGB color filter (also called quantum dot color converter, or QDCC) system on top.

However this new generation of panels may be dead in the water if the yield rate is too low or QD-OLED isn’t up to the standard of customers. In that case Samsung Display will likely shift additional investments into QD nanorod LED (QNED) technology instead.

Samsung Electronics is planning to ship 2 million of these miniLED TVs next year. The South Korean tech giant expects the models to be "sufficient" to stand toe-to-toe with LG’s OLED TV in the premium sector for the next two to three years. If this pans out, it will likely shift to QNED more aggressively rather than put too much effort in QD-OLED. Regardless of which form wins in the peoples court, Samsung Display have invested $11 Billion AUD into QD display tech - QD display includes both QD-OLED and QNED.

Image: Samsung Display

So if you're in the market for a new gaming TV to complement a new console, it may pay to wait and see what Samsung brings to the table around March-May next year.

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