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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Review

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Developer: Engine Software, Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Chengdu, Ubisoft Pune Production

Publisher: Ubisoft

Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch

Also available on: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Release: 14 Jan 2021

Rating: …MA15+

It's back! After an 11 year "licensing issue" the brawler that we fell in love with is finally available both in digital and physical media form as well. Traditionally movie tie-ins are something to be avoided, but this is the rare exception that builds on the stuff we love about the comic books and the movie and elevates it to a truly legendary status.

The simple premise of travelling through each level to be confronted with one of Ramona's exes as the "boss fight" is incredibly entertaining. The retro 2D graphics that combine with the killer soundtrack will keep you motivated as the opening hours of the game are incredible difficult.

In the first few levels you feel extremely underpowered, especially when going up against the boss battles. The more you play and items you collect, the more abilities and XP you unlock which then shifts the game into a sense of normalcy with fighting enemies and battles. This was my only real minor quip with the game, it does get better, but just be aware before jumping in, yes it is meant to feel this difficult and yes it does get better the more you play.

This new version features local and online co-op which runs like a dream. This game shines in co-op mode and I never suffered any lag or difficulties connecting with other players. There are a total of 7 characters to choose from in this ultimate edition including Knives Chau and Wallace Wells. You can have up to four players in both local or online mode.

Apart from the main game there are a couple of extra modes including a Dodge Ball mini-game, Survival Horror in which you match off against an undead army and a stock standard Battle Royale and Boss Rush mode all of which will add to the longjevity of this title long after you finish the main campaign.

There are many influences in this games art style, these serve as more of a homage from the map and opening titles reflecting Super Mario Bros 2, with a splash of Battletoads, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Zelda all thrown in for good measure. This ups the nostalgic factor when playing on the Nintendo Switch, something that we have previously been unable to do.

Fans of the series will relish in the way the game stays true to its original release with this ultimate edition including all previous DLC and unlockable characters in this sweet contained package. If you want to skip the digital discourse and purchase a physical copy, you can also do this in limited quantites via your local EB/JB stores etc. If you are looking for a great co-op game, you don't need the nostalgia factor to enjoy this one. If Overcooked of Reliable Delivery Service is your jam, this is a more adult title that is in the same vein.

Review by Alaisdair Leith.

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