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Sennheiser GSP 370 Review

Headsets are an incredibly personal thing. Since falling in love with the Razer Xbox One Headset, I have struggled to find a headset of similar quality to game with on the PS4. Sure I have the wireless Playstation headset that I foolishly bought with the console and while it is "adequate" it never really wowed me or gave me a reason to encourage me to put it on when gaming. That is until now. Sennheiser are stepping into the gaming headset space with the GSP370 and it is an absolute winner. Everything about this headset is incredible from the cushions on each piece, the sturdiness of the build and incredible sound that balances quality and noise cancelling is an astonishing feat for a gaming headset.

The look of the headset is a bit of an industrial look with the unit not really designed for any outside use, it is a hard and study build. The microphone is plastic and while it can be moved up and down depending on what you are using it for, it is bulky and in the way. A long and bulky bar that isn't retractable is a surprise for a headset realeased in 2020, however as you can only use this with the USB attachment, it's not a total deal breaker, more of a mild annoyance.

The cups on each side look shallow but the surrpise is a deep cushion on each side that covers your ear and encompasses it in comfort. While other headsets have cooling gels and such, the great thing about this headset is I never noticed an increase in temperature on my ears while wearing them. I have spent many many hours, with long play sessions in ISO, and this is the first headset that didn't heat my ears up. Attached to the right hand side can is a volume knob adjustment. There is no fancy seperator that divides the chat and audio when playing online. There is a slider to turn the headset on and off, you can press it again to see the level of battery you have with green, yellow, orange and red to see how much you have left. It is refreshing not to have to download a companion app and literally plug and play with no added tweaks.

Noise Cancelling is not an included or advertised feature in the headset, the good news is after many tests, the headset does a fantastic job of isolating outside sound including voice chatter and other media noises. My partner could happily watch TV in the next room and I was blissfully unaware. When I was playing online the mic quality both incoming and outgoing was flawless. There was no noticeable delay or static noise.

The headset fits comfortably over the top of the head and the cups snugly cover my ears. The adjustable sliders are sturdy and provide a perfect fit. It doesn't take a lot of tweaking to get this right and after the headset was passed around the house with a unanimous decision that it was definitely a comfy fit, I jumped straight into to test it out.

This is a true plug and play device with a USB dongle that goes into your PS4 or PC, a few seconds later you are ready to go. The box also includes a charging cable which didn't take too long to get a full charge from the console. The battery life on this truly needs to be seen to be believed. I played 50 hours of God Of War with a shift to yellow. I also streamed a fair chunk of this playthrough and threw in some Stardew Valley before moving to the orange and red zone. It was a good 2 week chunk before I had to charge the headset again.

A good part of the PS4 is the intergration with Spotify, something I took advantage of with this headset with Sennheiser's reputation for audio quality. The deep bass and clarity for music tracks is admirable. I found myself experimenting with different music styles to get the full breadth of the headset. I was definitely not disappointed, I really wanted to connect this to my phone to take on the go.

The Sennheiser GSP 370 is the surprise headset for the year. After wanting a decent headset for the Playstation 4 for so long, it would seem that an affordable and quality solution is finally here. While it may not be the prettiest with a lack of polish and sparkle, it does offer an astonighingly long battery life and a build quality that fits function perfectly. While I didn't get to test it out on PC, it is the perfect addition to your Playstation 4.

Review by Alaisdair Leith.


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