Sonic Colours Ultimate Review - Has the dashing blue hedgehog finally done his dash?


Developer: Sonic Team

Publisher: Sega

Reviewed on: Xbox Series X

Also available on: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release: 7th September 2021

Rating: PG

Price: $59.95


Sonic Colours Ultimate is a remaster of the 2010 Wii title Sonic Colours. Sonic Colours was quite well received at the time, mainly due to Sonic's history trying to dip its toe into the 3D market and with games like Sonic 06 failing, hard!

This latest instalment of Sonic, features both the title character and Tails as they investigate Eggman's intergalactic amusement park to figure out what he's up to, because well, he's always up to something. Whilst there, they uncover Eggman's diabolical plan to exploit a race of aliens called Wisps, to power both the amusement park and a secret space laser. Relatively simple, this story thrives on not taking itself too seriously and just tries to be fun; and for the most part, it absolutely is.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of the Sonic franchise, playing just about every game so far. However, this tradition is getting increasingly tasking, when for years, game after game Sonic has delivered sub par outings with bad graphics, clunky gameplay and just a sense that Sonic Team don't really know what to do with the little blue hedgehog. It's clear that there is a place for Sonic in the gaming landscape, but where? These days, I tend to get a real sense of deja vu when picking up a Sonic game, especially when that game is a remaster of an 11 year old title. So while the novelty of playing Sonic in 4K was great for a while, it did get old real quick. This feeling was exaggerated when watching cutscenes. Funnily enough, these cutscenes look much worse than they should. While the gameplay itself looks remastered and crisp, as do the menus and subtitles etc, for some reason these cutscenes look completely untouched and way below the standard I'd expect in 2021.

I mean we go from gameplay looking like this...

To cutscenes that look like this...

Gameplay wise, I am personally starting to think that this rinse and repeat format of super fast side scrolling or forward scrolling gameplay is becoming very dated. I just think that Sonic Team could branch out a little more in terms of a 3D game, in the same way Nintendo did with Super Mario. I get it, Sonic is fast, but that shouldn't still be all he is about. Now of course this is my personal opinion, and others may disagree with me entirely. However I'd much prefer if they released another 3D Sonic in the same vein as Sonic Adventures etc.