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State of Play: Get a Preview of The Last of Us Part II This Thursday.

Tune in Thursday morning for a deep dive and new gameplay footage of Naughty Dog’s next project.

This Thursday at 6:00AM AEST, Join Naughty Dog Vice President and The Last of Us Part II Director Neil Druckmann as he gives us a deep dive into The Last of Us Part II. TlOU2 iscoming to PS4 June 19. Neil will walk you through details of the gameplay experience and story.

According to Playstation Blog "The current cut is clocking in a little more than 20 minutes, ending with an extended sequence showing off about eight minutes of never-before-seen gameplay."

Unfortunately for those anxiously waiting for a PS5 reveal, this episode is simply a deep dive into the world of The Last of Us Part II. 

Don’t miss the Twitch and YouTube broadcast this Thursday.


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