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Steam Breaks 2017 Record with almost 19 Million Concurrent Online Users

The previous Record being beaten by over 250,000 concurrent users.

(Credit: Steam)

Steam is the undisputed king of PC gaming - from humble beginnings in 2003, it has grown into a games media giant under the guidance of 'Valve', its parent company.

(Steam Sales event)

In recent years however, several challengers have vied for that crown, with the likes of Origin, Epic Games Store, GOG, Uplay and Battlenet rounding out most of the competition.

Without a doubt, several of these platforms have made their presence known, especially the new comer Epic Games Store - who began trading in 2018 and have already succeeded in stealing exclusivity deals away from Valve, causing much controversy for some titles such as Metro: Exodus. (Metro: Exodus controversy)

But it all seems for nought as Steam posted it highest ever concurrent player count on February 2nd. 18,801,252 concurrent users, were connected with steam, smashing the previous record by 263,762.

(Credit: Steam and Game Stats)

So are you un-surprised by the fact Steam will retain its crown for the foreseeable future? Or, do you believe it's time for one of these new blood companies to take command of this industry?


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