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Subnautica review (PS4)

Subnautica sees you take the reigns of a crash survivor on a visually stunning, seabound alien world.

What happened? Why did you end up here? Where is here? How do I get home?...

These are all questions you will unfold as you explore the waters of This unknown worlds vast oceans, teeming with like from the micro to macro always remember "there's always a bigger fish"...

Battle the elements of this unknown world, forge the tools youll need for survival and use the environment to aid you. But, be careful not to go too deep unprepared for what may lurk there.

Under the hood, the music score is as amazing as the scenery of this alien paradise, the mechanics of the different biomes and that of your base and equipment are all flawless, and every tool at your disposal has a purpose in keeping you alive.

Overall between its stunning visuals, a well suited score and an amazing level of interactivity that doesn't slip into the "too grindy" category.

I give Subnautica 8.5/10, narrowly missing out on a 9 due to limitations of the ps4 platform in playing a game obviously intended for a gaming rig.

Written by Luke Nixon for Gaming Australia.

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