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The Division 2 revisits New York

The Division 2 is set to head back to New York in its first paid expansion, "Episode 3" marks the end of year one content and will take you back to Coney Island.

If you're anything like me you loved The Division, probably more so than The Division 2 and probably due to just how amazing the setting of post-apocalyptic New York was! so it should come as great news that The Division 2 is in fact going to be heading back there on March 3rd as part of its first paid expansion "Warlords of New York"

from what I can tell Warlords of New York will revisit Lower Manhattan and Wall street area and will be a prequel to the rest of the DLC. This expansion will include new story, new weapons and new bosses

Check out the Warlords of New York overview here:

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