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The Last of Us Part 2's photo mode is something to behold

Its not often when gaming that you spend almost as much time in photo-mode as you do playing the game, well with TLOU2 that is exactly what I did.


This article will include images from a few different stages of the game that may give away certain character and location information, most will be from the first half but if you are avoiding such information then please be careful.

TLOU2 has a photo-mode capable of taking some of the most stunning in-game screenshots I have ever seen, partly down to the sheer beauty of the game itself but also down to the ease and depth of the customization available.

After completing the story in TLOU2 twice, and after seeing some amazing screenshots courtesy of Karl "The Lyrical" Smith, from Game Train Podcast, I was persuaded to give it another run through on very easy mode in an attempt to take some stunning screenshots. I was not disappointed.....

Check out a handful of my favorites here: