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The Last of Us Part 2's photo mode is something to behold

Its not often when gaming that you spend almost as much time in photo-mode as you do playing the game, well with TLOU2 that is exactly what I did.


This article will include images from a few different stages of the game that may give away certain character and location information, most will be from the first half but if you are avoiding such information then please be careful.

TLOU2 has a photo-mode capable of taking some of the most stunning in-game screenshots I have ever seen, partly down to the sheer beauty of the game itself but also down to the ease and depth of the customization available.

After completing the story in TLOU2 twice, and after seeing some amazing screenshots courtesy of Karl "The Lyrical" Smith, from Game Train Podcast, I was persuaded to give it another run through on very easy mode in an attempt to take some stunning screenshots. I was not disappointed.....

Check out a handful of my favorites here:

Photo mode consists of either a free roam camera with enough freedom to get some great angles, or a in-game angle in which the cameras is locked to exactly how you see things in game.

The adjustable settings include a multitude of different filters as well as a slider to adjust the intensity, brightness, sharpness and saturation settings as well as a field of depth slider which really adds life to you photos.

Developers are seemingly putting more and more effort into photo mode these days as its becoming a much more popular feature, I honestly never imagines having so much fun and being so invested in getting the perfect captures. Some of the more notable photo modes include, Days Gone, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvels Spider Man, God of war just to name a few. Another one worth mentioning is the upcoming Ghosts of Tsushima, trailers have shown off it's photo mode and all I can say is WOW! That thing looks insane, I for one will be giving it a very in depth look when the game releases next month.

So far in The Last of Us 2 i have amassed over 1400 images, a lot of which are not the best, but check out just a few favorites from my massive collection so far: (click to view full size)

I will continue to add more as I progress further through the game but don't worry, I will avoid any major spoilers.

All images will also be uploaded to our Instagram so follow us to keep up to date.

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