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The Last of Us Part II Removed from the PlayStation Store

Following its second Delay announcement due to Covid-19, the removal is just standard practice for games that do not have a specific release date.

Naughty Dog have stated that the primary reason for the delay is "the challenge of printing, shipping, and selling physical games" at the moment.

The Last of Us Part II director, Neil Druckmann, confirmed that Sony and Naughty Dog have been exploring all the options, including a digital-only release, although they would prefer to avoid this due to some countries internet infrastructure not being up to the task.

With the official removal of the game from the Playstation Store yesterday & with no indications of a release date announced, its clear that they expect this to be a somewhat lengthy delay before the title is able to be shipped to consumers. The bright-side being this delay gives Naughty Dog some more time to polish the final components of the game before release.

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