The Quarry (2022) Review

Updated: Jun 20

Genre: Third person/Interactive survival horror drama

Modes: Single-player, Co-Op, Multiplayer (releases on a later date)

Developed by: Supermassive Games

Published by: 2K Games

Release date: June 10th 2022

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows

Platform I played on: PlayStation 5

Edition of game I played: Deluxe Edition

Spoiler Free: This review is spoiler-free as much as possible and of course won't be revealing any major plot points or twists


The Quarry is another interactive survival-horror drama from the developers behind 2015's Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology. I managed to get my hands on the deluxe digital edition for PS5 (Thank you 2K and Supermassive Games), which included some bonus content including 3 death rewinds during the first playthrough, a gorefest movie mode, and some pretty neat horror filters including a retro 80's VHS aesthetic filter. Alongside that there's also some cool 80's character outfits coming in July.

Going into it, this was one of my most anticipated games for this year - and it most certainly delivered a little more than I had expected. Despite some minor issues, The Quarry is still a fantastic, fun and gruesome horror experience. With the game confirmed to have 186 unique endings, more than one playthrough is highly recommended for a more full experience. The game is heavily inspired by 1980's horror, but also manages to mesh in tropes from different horror eras - and it's pulled off quite nicely. There's a lot to say about this horror title, so let's just dive right into it starting with the game's story.


Picking up from the end of Summer camp, The Quarry follows 9 camp counsellors in the remote forests of Upstate New York, who are forced to stay one more night after something prevents them from being able to leave. This night would prove to be the worst possible time to stay in Hackett's Quarry. What starts off as an innocent, last hurrah bon fire party, soon quickly turns into fighting their way through a hellish nightmare. With no one else around to help them, it's up to the counsellors to figure out what's truly going on and survive (if you let them).

Throughout this 10 hour or so (depending how you play) experience, you'll play as all 9 counsellors; Laura (Siobhan Williams), Max (Skyler Gisondo), Kaitlyn (Brenda Song), Ryan (Justice Smith), Abigail (Ariel Winter), Nick (Evan Evagora), Dylan (Miles Robbins), Emma (Halston Sage) and Jacob (Zach Tinker). Alongside this ensemble talented cast, it also includes David Arquette who plays Chris, among other excellent talent in this game.

The story starts as a bit of a slow burner in the first few chapters, but once it gets going, it really gets going. With a life or death situation right around the corner, it's up to you to make the crucial decisions as each character whether they live or die, and ultimately whether other characters will live or die depending on your choices. Each choice can also change your relationship with characters, as well as character development throughout. There's a good amount of humour scattered throughout the game with character banter, line deliveries and character actions (which I genuinely did chuckle at a few times). As well as this, the chemistry between the characters feels authentic and genuine, with each character having a unique personality and bringing in an excellent group dynamic.

Other than some minor pacing issues during ACT II and some anti climatic moments, the story overall is still a fun horror experience. The twists are worth experiencing for yourself, and avoiding spoilers if you can.


The gameplay consists of button mashing, QTE'S with the analog stick, walking, aiming, and shooting with the R2 button. QTE'S and controls doesn't quite have the challenge or the high intensity that previous Supermassive Game titles have had, but ultimately the controls are still fine, quick and are responsive. There's also a range of accessibility options, which as always is awesome so more people can play the game.

Though areas are small when you're walking around as any character, the