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The Turing Test, a new puzzle shooter for the Nintendo Switch.

After earlier this week teasing a new game for the Nintendo Switch Square Enix's indie division have announced over night, a new first-person, puzzle shooter called The Turing Test for the Nintendo Switch.

The Turing Test will be a first-person, Sci-fi puzzle shooter set on Europa, Jupiter's moon. The main character is Ava Turing, An engineer tasked with discovering the cause of the mysterious disappearance of the ground crew stationed on Europa. Seemingly lending itself much more to the puzzles and challenges rather than the all out warfare that most would associate with the term first-person shooter The Turin Test looks like a series of mazes and puzzles along your quest to find out some answers.

The Turing Test will launch for the Switch on Feb 7th and will cost approx. $25 AUD.

what do you think? will you be picking this up next month?

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