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The Walking Zombie Review (PC)

Written By Gaming Australia member Adam Smith

The Walking Zombie 2 is a game developed and published by Czech based Alda Studios. Although they are primarily a mobile game development studio, they have ported this into PC and released on Steam in October 2019.

Although mobile games and especially mobile ports get a lot of flak from the general gamer community, and adding to the fact it’s yet another zombie game, you would think this is just another cheap attempt at cashing in on the bandwagon and when I first installed this game I also didn’t expect much either, maybe half an hours’ worth of fun at most. After all, the game is free. In reality though, I was surprised at how well made this little gem really is. The cartoony polygon graphics are cute, and it adds to the fun and atmosphere of the game. What surprised me the most were the rich RPG elements, where you can level up your gear, clothing, weapons, skills etc.

The game is very story driven, and the story is in fact very interesting, the writers did a great job. Although it is open world, there is a story-based campaign that you can choose to follow whenever you want. Of course, following the story does unlock certain areas that wouldn’t otherwise unlock. There are a lot of different characters you meet along the way, all with their own problems that you agree to resolve for them, for nice rewards such as money, XP and gear. As you level up, you can acquire skills which give you bonuses in terms of weapon damage, less fuel consumption, more critical hit chances etc. You pick and choose depending on your play style and where you feel you need the most help in.

As you go around slaying zombies, you gain ammo, health boosters, supplement items that for example, let you reload faster, run faster, do more damage etc. Once your backpack is full, you can then store items away in your trunk for storage and for later missions. The difficulty of the game isn’t too hard, provided you bring your best weapons and enough ammo to the missions, as once you’re in a mission you can no longer access your trunk until it’s completed. As you progress further into the game, you start unlocking other cities, as well as an open world area, which also has its own city in a way. Each city has its own array of NPCs that all give you different tasks or side missions, and they also have traders where you can buy and sell equipment. It’s also possible to buy houses, with which you can start production of your own ammo and health items.

Although this game isn’t super popular in the PC Steam world, it’s also a platform that many people would still prefer to use, i.e. a keyboard and mouse. You can of course, always get the mobile app and play on a smartphone, which features the usual FPS mechanics of auto shooting, but Walking Zombie 2 has translated very well into the PC world and this is primarily where I most enjoy playing this game myself. As a free game though, there is of course going to be catch. There is a limited amount of ‘fuel’ that you have access to, and once this fuel runs out you can no longer travel around in your bike/car/truck etc. There are ways of crafting fuel in game, and you also get the chance to completely full up your fuel gauge once a day, but unless you spend some money on microtransactions, you will be limited to daily gaming sessions. For most people this really wouldn’t cause too much of an issue, but in the event you want to play for extended periods of time (or just want to support the developers), for about 10 dollars you can get a package that gives you unlimited fuel so that you can play to your hearts content.

If you are a fan of zombie games, like RPG elements and FPS, definitely give this free game a try and hopefully you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Overall 8.5/10


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