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There's a website that converts normal images into Animal Crossing designs.

If you've played Animal Crossing then you will know that there's no power in the world quite like having good "nip" prices, by that of course we mean turnips ( I'm not too sure what you thought I was talking about). Not too far behind that however is having cool designs for clothing, canvases, pathways etc.

Now, there's a website that can be found here that allows you to upload any image and it will convert it into an animal crossing design that you can use in the game via a QR code generated by the website. Warning however some of the images you try and convert will end up looking like a hot mess.

As well as being able to create your own there is a HUGE back catalog of designs others have created waiting for you to convert to a QR code and use on your own island.

If you are having trouble working out how to use the QR codes you must first unlock the custom designer PRO in game via nook services. What are you waiting for? head on over to the website now and start designing up a storm.


SummerSale Vertical.jpg
SummerSale Vertical.jpg
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