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Top 10 games to showcase the power of the Xbox Series X

With Xbox exclusives still nowhere to be seen, you might be wondering, what you should play in the meantime, and if you want some games that showcase exactly what the Series X can do. Here are my top 10. This isn't a list of what I think are the best games on the Xbox, but instead my list of what games I think look the best or best showcase the power and performance of the Xbox Series X console compared to previous generations. So you know, don't @ me…

10. Borderlands 3

A game that struggled at times on the previous generation, Borderlands 3 now runs silky smooth on the Series X, its sketchy art style allow this game to look clean and crisp while still keeping that cartoony feel. Not a graphical masterpiece by any means but, Borderlands 3 still manages to showcase the consoles power in performance mode running smoother than ever before.

9. Destiny 2: Beyond light

Finally Destiny 2 players have an update on console to bring their favourite game into line with that of the PC version, boasting higher resolutions, boosted frame rates and the introduction of a field of view slider, Destiny 2 has never looked or felt so good: setting a new standard for next gen, first person shooters.

8. Ori and the will of the wisps

While Ori and the will of the wisps is only a 2-D platformer, what a gorgeous little 2-D platformer it is. Both depth of colours and environmental lighting factors truly bring this game to life. Surprisingly, Ori and the will of the wisps actually runs at 6k and is downscaled for to 4K to display on 4K TV’s and is capable of up to 120FPS if your TV is up to the task. Available for free on Gamepass, there's nothing stopping you from trying Ori yourself today.

7. Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Opting for a more cartoony art style, Immortals Fenyx rising isn't the “photo realistic” masterpiece that the other Ubisoft games mentioned in this list are. However this game looks equally as amazing, its large open worlds, massive draw distances and intense vibrant colours, make Immortals Fenyx Rising a great option for anyone looking to showcase their consoles performance

6. Dirt 5

What was billed to be the first next gen racer, Dirt 5 is a truly stunning game. Maybe not the leap we were expecting in terms of graphics, but with solid 60+ frame rate in performance mode its one of the smoothest racing experiences you'll get on console. Additionally with Ray Tracing and 4k visuals environmental factors such as puddles and mud take on a life of their own.

5. Forza Horizon 4