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Two Point Hospital Review Nintendo Switch.

By Ninji for Gaming Australia

Two Point Hospital allows you build and manage your own hospital completing challenges along the way. “But isn’t this Theme Hospital I hear you whine”? No, its Two Point Hospital, now don’t make me repeat myself.

Remember when you would play “Theme (Whatever) and a little character would get stuck or just wander around? You don’t have that problem with this game as it has very intelligent programming features that you can geek out to. If geeking out isn’t your thing, that’s cool, we can still be friends but know that I am yet to find any bugs with this game.

I am currently playing Two Point Hospital on my Nintendo Switch, with attached controllers. I was worried that the controls wouldn’t be so easy not using a PC, but I was worrying for nothing. The controls are smooth and easy to learn. You can pan, scroll, zoom in and out with ease. The button selections are very intelligent and predictable.

Two Point Hospital was very easy to learn, but not too easy you would get bored, the first level has a tutorial style, that isn’t in your face and disappears as you begin to learn different functions. After the first level is completed you are free to build your own hospital from scratch whilst free to complete set challenges to go onto the next county who needs your hospital designing expertise.

The graphics and animations are very funny and look absolutely sublime. Ever wanted to see a plant attempt to eat a person or move when no one is looking? How about seeing a Freddy Mercury look alike, or 20 in the same room all wanting to be cured of rock star disease? The game’s graphical interface makes it very easy to build rooms, hire people and manage everything from heating to finances.

The audio and hospital voice over is great and amusing however the radio style music with its own DJ gets annoying very quickly and would be my only “con” for this game. Saying that, the game allows you to adjust volumes individually for your play style so you can drown out the snooze fest.

So far I have played approximately 20 hours of this game and I want to play more. It is very addictive, it’s like crack … gaming crack … I know I like a game when I think about it all the time, at work, on the loo, feeding the dogs… And two point hospital is that type of game.

I usually don’t buy a game the first month it is out, I let the developers release it and iron out all the inevitable “new game” bugs but I am yet to find any whilst playing Two Point Hospital. Two Point hospital does not chew up your console battery unlike some games I won’t mention *cough* Zelda *cough*, I can get hours and hours of gameplay without the console getting low on battery quickly. This game is worth getting and adding to your collection. Two Point Hospital is worth telling your friends about, your mother in law, your neighbor’s pet dog, the one who barks at the air… Just do it. Its sim style of play allows you to relax in front of the telly, and forget all the adulting human troubles and let them fade away.

Pros: Battery Usage, graphics, easy to learn

Cons: Very Addictive, What’s up with that audio DJ?

Overall - 9.5/10

What do you think of Two Point Hospital? Check out its launch trailer here...


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