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Valve to Xbox Gamepass?

According to online speculation, an announcement from Xbox could be on the way involving a deal to bring Valve to Xbox Gamepass.

After a cryptic tweet from Xbox ANZ involving some coordinates that lead to Queenstown NZ, savvy twitter sleuth stup1dm0nk3y has done a little connecting the dots to the fact that Gabe Newell (Valve Co-Founder and President) is in fact, currently in Queenstown NZ. In addition to that fact it has also been established that Geoff Keighley, a prominent video game journalist, has, today 19/10/2020 had a video call with both Xbox VP of gaming Phil Spencer, and... You guessed it, Gabe Newell.

Although there's not a whole lot to go off, and we don't really believe it to be the case at this stage, we think its absolutely worth reporting on, as this, could in fact be the beginning of a beautiful partnership between Xbox and Valve and could mean that Xbox Gamepass could be in line to get its hands on a whole raft of Valve titles very soon.

What do you think? is there any truth to this rumor? or is it pure speculation? Let us know in the comments...

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