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Warframe: Heart of Deimos Review

Written By Dean O Connor


Developer: Digital Extremes

Publisher: Digital Extremes

Reviewed on: PC

Also available on: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release: August 26th, 2020

Rating: M

Price: Ninja’s play free


This review is SPOILER FREE.


Warframe: Heart of Deimos is Warframe’s latest update that features a new free roam called the Cambion Drift. Cambion Drift, resides on the Martian moon 'Deimos’ that drifts around mars. Heart of Demios brings Warframe players a new Free roams experience which includes fan-favorite activities like bounties, conservation, fishing, racing, and much more. All Warframe players can experience this latest update for free on PC, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Heart of Deimos is the biggest update in 2020 so far. This update features the following; a new Freeroam called Cambion Drift, a free roam that resides on the Martian moon ‘Deimos’, the broken Warframe that was lost during its creation, new player experience, Hydroid Rakkam Deluxe Skin, Heart of Deimos supporter pack, and much more.

Meet the Entrati family.

After receiving a distress call from the Deimos moon, you will initiate a quest called ‘Heart of Deimos’ which brings you to an Infested moon that used to be inhabited by the Orokin. After arriving on Deimos you are greeted by a Claptrap like character called Otak who shares a Cephalon like body with another character called Loid, these are two old Orokin servants that found a new body after the old war. They tell the player about the threat of the infected, and you are to prove yourself to be worthy to meet the Entrati family.

When arriving at the Necralisk, an old Orokin tower that has been consumed by the infested, this tower contains the void energy that keeps the Tenno - to - Warfame transference alive. When introduced to the Mother of the Entrati family, she doubts your ability to help get the Heart of Demios beating again. The Tenno’s life is on the line, so the Tenno feel they are obligated to help.

There are five members of the Entrati Orokin family; Mother, Son, Daughter, Father, and Grand Mother. They are a family torn apart by the collapse of the War and by each others decisions. The Mother is a bit reckless by following in her Father’s footsteps thinking, the Son conducting unethical experiments with the wildlife of Deimos, the Daughter being something she’s not, the Father creating weapons. The family is dysfunctional, but every time the tenno gains more respect from them by going up in the Entrati ranks, it will reveal a cutscene of each family member coming together and naming each other. This free-roam gives the player more lore, and a consistent story development like Fortuna.

Xaku - The broken Warframe

Xaku is the 44th Warframe that was released along with the heart of Demios. Xaku is a broken Warframe that is made out of abilities from other Warframes, neither he nor she, the creation of this Warframe was lost in the Entrati void, this interrupted the creation of Xaku, leaving it unfinished. Remnants of Xaku exist in Deimos, leaving it up to the Tenno to create it again. Xaku can be farmed via the Entrati family bounties

Xaku is a mid-tier Warframe that would be okay for missions that require crowd control, but he is not that good as a crowd control Warframe. His abilities are mediocre as he has no place in that many missions other than to look unique. His abilities can do a good amount of damage if built correctly, in that sense he can be a decent Warframe, but his DPS potential is still limited compared to the other decent DPS Warframes that exist. Xaku’s base stats are 97: HEALTH, 89: SHIELD, 137: ARMOR, 153: ENERGY. These are okay stats but can adjust if you have a decent build. Leveling Xaku up can prove difficult as his stats are lower than most Warframe. ENERGY

Xaku has 4 unique abilities, Xata's Whisper, grasp of lohk, the lost, the vast untime heres what each ability does: