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Warzone Season 4 sees 200 player matches for the first time

Activision‘s Call Of Duty: Warzone is receiving an increased player count to 200 players on June 30. In an update which is being dubbed as “Season Four Reloaded”.

New changes are coming to both Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Players will be able to engage in 200 player matches for a limited-time through the Battle Royale Quads mode, allowing teams of four to drop into the fight together. This is a raise of 50 players from the modes original 150.

But thats not all, to summarise their blog post, you'll also be seeing these changes and more:

Supply Run Contracts:

These new missions direct you and your squad to find a specific buy station within the time limit, success grants you discounted prices at the buy station, just be careful not to catch a bullet on the way there.

Juggernaut Royale Mode:

find an airdropped care package to turn yourself into a juggernaut wielding a minigun to attack enemies and vehicles, once the juggernaut is downed, a new juggernaut drop will spawn on the map.

Spotter Scope:

A high powered scope without the scope glint rifles experience, allowing you or a teammate to survey the map undetected. Designed to allow you to scout ahead and maintain a low profile.

New Sniper:

The Rytec AMR is a 50. cal sniper rifle like no other, available as a objective reward in multiplayer or a reward for an especially good shot in Warzone, this gun is sure to make roof campers happy.

New Multiplayer Map:

Cheshire park is a map based in London, England. featuring picturesque gardens and a conservatory. This new battleground will see you fight doorway to doorway with some elevated firing positions added in.

New Multiplayer mode:

Team defender is being reintroduced from yester-year, a twist on capture the flag and domination where 1 flag is placed on the map, and points are awarded for whoever holds onto it the longest.

For more information. check out the link below!

"Tonight's update will begin rolling out across all platforms at 11PM PDT! Be sure to read up on what's coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone, see weapon adjustments, download size information, and more by checking out our patch notes!"

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