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World War Z: Aftermath - A Zombie Team-Shooter That Might Finally Count To 3!?

The next evolution of World War Z is coming in 2021

  • Intense new story episodes across Rome, Vatican City and Russia

  • Brutal new combat system feat dual-wield melee sickles, cleavers and more

  • First-person mode and much more

Thank you to the worldwide community of World War Z players – now over 15 million strong! Stay tuned for more info about World War Z: Aftermath including the official gameplay video coming later this summer! (Source: Playstation)

Sabre Interactive are having a great 2020 and 2021 with multiple titles coming out through 2021 and 2022 under their label, World War Z: Aftermath is another such entry and even though the first title had a mostly luke-warm reception at launch, its sales numbers and steadily growing community has warranted a sequel/expansion in 4k60fps, I cant wait to see if they can nail the formula the second time around and give us something to rival Left4Dead.

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