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Xbox Bethesda E3 2021

Xbox take the stage with the biggest year since their acquisition of Zenimax Media which includes a range of gaming studios including Bethesda. There was a ton of expectations for gaming releases, news and game announcements and while Bethesda delivered, some of the other studios were noticeably missing and others were a bit of a let down. There were a total of 30 games shown at the presser so you can watch them all below and watch the entire show at the bottom of this post.

Bethesda opened the show with a pre-alpha look at the new Starfield game. The game will arrive on Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 11, 2022 and also available day one on game pass.

GSC Game World showed off the first footage and gameplay for S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 Heart of Chernobyl. The game has been in development for the better part of a decade after its announcement and the footage we saw did not disappoint. I got serious Metro Exodus vibes from this game and even better news, it is coming release day to Xbox Game Pass. Watch the trailer below

Back 4 Blood confirmed the worst kept secret on the internet, it is coming release day to Xbox Gamepass. They also released a new PVP mode that sees humans vs monsters. You can expect the game in October this year.

A really brief trailer that shows off some great graphics and the title of the game came next. The game is called Contraband, it looks amazing, you can watch the reveal below. Stay tuned for more on this one.

I can hand on heart say that I NEVER saw this crossover event happening. Rare have convinced Disney that putting Captain Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean universe into Sea of Thieves is a good idea. While I am really over the whole POTC franchise, I can't deny that this does look really good. The addition missions are free and coming in June this year. Check out the action below.

Battlefield 2042 is coming and is boasting a whopping 128 player mode. This can only be described as complete and utter chaos. The game is set to come out October 22, 2021 watch the madness below.

James McAvoy, Daisey Ridley and Willem Dafoe star in the game Twelve Minutes. Not much footage was shown, but enough to make you need to have this game in your collection, this interactive thriller is out comes out August 19.2021 and will be same day GamePass.

Psychonauts 2 looks like an incredibly colourful and whacky universe that I cannot wait to dive into. The game is finally releasing on August 25,2021 on Xbox Series X|S and will also of course be on GamePass

Fallout 76 is getting a brand new expansion. The game that people are still apparently playing somewhere in the world is getting The Pitt in 2022 and Steel Reign in July this year.

The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a huge next gen upgrade this week and will be completely enhanced for Series X|S systems. Make sure you check out the Blackwood update and look out for our review later this week.

Party Animals looks like the next Fall Guys with furrys. This whacky looking thing should take the internet by storm if history looks to repeat itself. Watch the madness below

One of the biggest games of last year is Hades. The game is finally coming to Xbox and will also be included in GamePass. You can check it out on August 13.2021.

One of my favourite trailers Somerville showcases a man and his dog walking through various environments seemingly escaping a monster guided by light. It is coming to GamePass in 2022.

A Plague Tale : Requiem is coming next year to Gamepass for Xbox Series X|S and PC. Watch the trailer below

Slime Rancher 2 was announced from Monomi Park. The farming game will release in 2022 on PC, Xbox Series X|S and is coming day of release to Gamepass.

If you are looking for a sports game, Shredder may have you covered with a snowboarding chilled out vibe. The game has some super realistic looking graphics and is coming to Gamepass December this year.

Atomic Heart is set in the Soviet Union in the 1950's in an alternate universe. This whacky trailer shows off the dev's wicked sense of humour and attention to detail. No release date is currently set.

My second favourite trailer was for a new game called Replaced. This 2D/3D platformer not only looks spectacular, but the story of an AI stuck in a human body against its will, this looks like it will be a huge hit. The platformer is set to hit Xbox Gamepass in 2022.

It's been a huge year for Grounded in its early access thanks to Xbox Gamepass. You can now earn achievements and there is some fresh new content including terrifying spiders and of course mushrooms. Watch below

The Ascent got a brand new trailer and solid release date of July 29. Watch below

Age of Empires IV is finally coming with an official release date and some beautiful new footage. The game will release on PC October 28.

Was anyone prepared for this? Obsidian announced The Outer Worlds 2 with a hilarious new trailer which basically says they are working on it but we have nothing solid to show you. Watch the hilarity below

I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that Microsoft Flight Simulator wasn't available today on Xbox Series X. It is coming in July though and the in game footage looks impressive. If that wasn't enough the game is getting DLC with a tie-in with Top Gun Maverick. Watch more below

Bethesda revealed their second brand new IP, this time we turn to vampire/monster territory with Redfall. The game looks to be a co-op adventure with a tentative release window of Holiday 2022. Watch the footage here

If that wasn't enough, Xbox confirmed they are definitely putting their mini fridge into production and we should be able to get our hands on it later this year. Watch the trailer below and yes, it is real.

Xbox did throw a lot of content and while some of it was a little weird, there definitely was something for everyone here. If you are looking for Halo or Forza, we are doing a seperate post on those two titles. Check back later today. In the meantime you can watch the whole Xbox presentation below

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