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Adelaide-Based Developer Fringe Realities Reveal Debut Title

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Independent Adelaide based developer, Fringe Realities, have announced that their atmospheric horror VR game Project: Nightlight is planning to be released on Steam VR! The release window will be sometime in Q1 2023.

is Doom on here?

Project: Nightlight is an atmospheric VR horror game where you'll play a nightguard, and it's your job to protect the facility. During your shift however, there's been a breach in security when it becomes apparent that the mysterious artifact has been tampered with. Alongside this you'll unravel the mysterious of The Department while being guided by your distressed co-worker via walkie-talkie.

This horror VR title aims to provide a brand new level of video game immersion, thanks to VR'S unique capabilities. The game will allow players to interact with objects with an acute attention to real-life accuracy. Players can expect to handle bolt cutters or melting locks with a blowtorch realistically.

I've been wanting to get myself a VR headset (eventually) and when I do this game will be top of the list right next to Half-Life: Alyx.


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SummerSale Vertical.jpg
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