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Allied Patriot PC Review

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

I've spent the last few weeks testing the Allied Gaming PC Patriot-A (High End) and let me tell you this. Not only is it one of the best looking gaming PC’s I’ve seen, but it punches well above what I expected of it in terms of performance. In fact the Allied Patriot, actually outperforms some really top of the line tech in certain scenarios.

Here's a full rundown of the specs of the PC I have been using:


AMD Ryzen 7 5700X


Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 10GB (LHR)


MSI B550 Gaming Pro


32GB RGB DDR4 3600MHz (2x16GB Modules)


1TB NVMe SSD (Boot Drive)

2TB NVMe SSD (Storage Drive)(Optional)

8TB Seagate Barracuda HDD (Storage Drive)(Optional)


Gigabyte Aorus AP850GM


Triple Pack Allied Mach-9 RGB fans

Allied Ice Cube 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler


PCIE WiFi 6/ Bluetooth 5 Network card


Windows 10 Home


As you can see, that is some pretty nifty hardware and well, it appears they are a match made in heaven because as mentioned earlier, I am impressed. Very Impressed in fact.

I have already done my comparison between high end PC’s and “Next Gen Consoles” so while I will certainly have some comparisons in this review also, it will be more about the hardware itself and what it can do. This is because, unlike the Voltron, this PC is a realistic option for a lot of people whereas the Voltron simply isn't. Its market is certainly very niche in terms of people who will genuinely consider buying it. The Patriot however, whether it be the Intel or AMD variant is something more far more an attainable goal for many.

Lets talk for a minute on how this thing looks. That super sleek, all white design is what Allied are renowned for, its a theme across all their desktop PC’s whether it be the Stinger, the Patriot or the M.O.A.B. This is something that really drew me to Allied in the first place, their designs are really unique and unmistakably Allied PC’s The Patriot however is my favorite looking of the bunch. The full size glass panel on the side allowing you to see what's going on inside, the tidy mesh front hiding 3 RGB fans and the very low profile button panel on the top really make for a rather sleek looking rig. Its when you turn it on though that it comes alive….. (Obviously). Seriously though the from the 6 RGB fans spread throughout to the RGB Ram and that very stylish Allied Ice Cube liquid cooler, the thing just exudes coolness. I have mine set constantly to that “Allied Ice Cool Blue” colour as shown below and I absolutely love it. My absolute favorite thing about it though is the size. After recently reviewing the Voltron which was an absolute behemoth, this thing is surprisingly small, especially when you consider just how much power is packed into it.

Now, I've already mentioned how this thing has impressed me, but I have to say, from what I can tell with the testing I have at my disposal, the parts that Allied have handpicked to create this PC are excellent. They all work perfectly together and so far I haven't come across a single bottleneck. I also mentioned earlier that the Patriot outperformed “some really high end tech” in some scenarios. This of course was referring to my recent review of Aftershock’s flagship, the Voltron. Which of course costs around $9000 compared to the patriots $3500. These ways in which the Patriot performed better ranged from relatively minor things like boot time, or file transfer time, but actually translated into getting a higher and more consistent frame rate in certain games despite the same settings. There will be more information on this later in the review when we compare things like FPS. I believe the reason for this difference could potentially be down to the fact that the Voltron is running Windows 11 whereas the Patriot is on Windows 10. However, there seems to be a bit of a divided opinion online as to whether Windows 11 actually does impact gaming performance. It's just the only logical reason I could come up with as to why this was the case.

This was part of a previous review, however I want to include it here because I feel it is still very relevant and can hopefully give a little insight to the console gamers reading.

“As a console gamer, there is one thing I noticed about the gaming performance on PC compared to console even more than the boost in frames. This was the overall quality of the image. Because I am able to crank the settings all the way up to max, that meant the textures, the detail, the draw distance, the lighting, just every single detail was cranked up to a 13 which made every single scene and every single game look super clean and extremely detailed. In certain scenes this is mildly noticeable and in others it's like night and day compared to the quality of the consoles. Games like Resident Evil Village for example look phenomenal even in 2K resolution compared to the PlayStation 5s 4K. Here's a couple of images showing exactly what I mean.”

These images were captured on another PC but show the difference between ultra settings on PC vs the level of detail on PS5.

Here is our results from using 3DMark to benchmark our graphical performance on the Allied Patriot:


Graphics score

CPU score


Time Spy




Here's a full list of games I have tested so far, all in 4K and all with max settings enabled:


Allied Patriot FPS

Voltron FPS

Dying Light 2



Days Gone


Not Tested

Resident Evil Village


Not Tested

Destiny 2



Resident Evil 2 Remake



Resident Evil 3 Remake


Not Tested

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Version





Not Tested

Hitman 3


No Tested

Horizon Zero Dawn


Not Tested

Far Cry 6


Not Tested

Microsoft Flight Simulator





Not Tested

Red Dead Redemption 2



Call of Duty Warzone



As you can see, I am getting some pretty insane frame rates considering I have absolutely every enhancement available turned on and as you can see, it actually outperforms the Voltron with a 3090 and an Intel i9 12900KF CPU. I honestly cant really explain the discrepancy here, when on paper, the Voltron should be performing much better, I guess it must come down to a software issue on the Voltron, or fewer bottlenecks on the Patriot.

Temps have stayed extremely consistent thanks to the excellent air flow and the Allied Ice Cube liquid CPU cooler, whatever I am doing the CPU always sat somewhere between 53 degrees and 59 degrees and while I haven't monitored my CPU temp 100% of the time, I have been keeping an eye on it whenever doing anything intensive and I have been extremely impressed with it.

But aside from gaming, I have and will continue to use the Allied Patriot as much more than just a gaming machine. It's also a very, very capable desktop and workstation. Tasks like photo editing, video editing and just day to day content creation and website editing, the Patriot handles absolutely everything like a champ. WebM video has always been a hassle for me, it's really difficult to work with and PC’s hate converting it. However, in their wisdom, PlayStation decided to make it the only way to record 4K footage and it has been a pain in my ass ever since. That is now in the past. The power of the Patriot just throws this video around like a ragdoll and converts it with ease. A 32 minute WebM video takes just 32.12 minutes to render on the Patriot saving me about an hour compared to my old PC.

On top of running whatever tests I could myself I also ran the Patriot through some benchmarking software, I've already mentioned the 3DMARK scores that I got, but I also ran it through a few times and this is the outcome.




Test 1




Test 2




Test 3




And here are some scores comparing the Allied Patriot to my gaming laptop and a friend's gaming PC:




Allied Patriot




HP Omen Laptop




MSI H310 Gaming Infinite




If you want to know how the Patriot-A handles things like video capture and streaming etc, let me tell you that it handles it all with relative ease. I have captured over 10 hours of gameplay footage and it's literally breezed through it. It definitely benefits from still being on Windows 10 rather than Windows 11 and despite how compact it is, it does an excellent job of keeping temps under control. You can really tell that Allied have put a lot of effort into selecting the most compatible parts to achieve the fewest bottlenecks at the best price possible and they have absolutely nailed it.

I have already mentioned how the Patriot-A costs far less than flagship, absolute top of the range PC’s. But do I think it's worth the current $3499 price tag? Absolutely! It is in my experience, the best bang for buck pre built available. I spent $2500 on my HP Omen gaming laptop, and while it's great for versatility, which was something I needed at the time. The Patriot-A absolutely blows it out of the stratosphere when it comes to performance in general and more specifically gaming performance, and even gives flagship PC’s with RTX3090 GPUs a run for their money.

At the time of writing this review, Allied are having their EOFY sale, which includes HUGE discounts on all Desktop Pc’s and Laptops as well as a bunch of free upgrades and accessories. This model for example is currently $700off and includes the following free upgrades and accessories:

  • Liquid Cooling

  • Firehawk Keyboard

  • Flashbang Mouse

  • Warhead 7.1 Headset

  • Tacmat Wireless charging RGB mousepad

That's a lot of added value on top of the $700 already saved. There's never been a better time to take the leap and buy an Allied PC.

Overall, the Allied Patriot-A is an absolute beast of a PC, it punches well above its weight and also its size. Compared to PC’s like the M.O.A.B or the Voltron, this thing is tiny and honestly, the difference in performance for the most part is minimal. And in terms of gaming it outperforms $9000 PC's and costs less than half the price. This is possibly the same for a lot of PC’s of similar specs, but the Allied Patriot is a perfect mix of style, cost and performance that I believe is going to make it very difficult to beat. The sleek white design isn't going to be for everyone, but I absolutely love it.

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