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Call Of Duty's new Battle Royale "WARZONE" lands tomorrow and will be free to play for everyone.

The new Call of Duty: Warzone will launch tomorrow and will be free to play for everyone. Warzone will either replace the classifies tab on you Modern Warfare title screen and will require another 20GB update, or you can download it as a standalone title and will require a massive 85-100GB download.

Launching at 8am on Tuesday the 11th March 2020, Warzone will include 2 different game modes at launch, Battle Royale and plunder, Battle Royale pits a massive 150 players against each other in groups of 3. Plunder is a race against your opponents to collect the most cash by looting different locations across the huge map. Ways to get cash also include taking on in-match contracts and by killing enemies and taking their cash for yourself.

Warzone will take place in Verdansk which includes areas such as Verdansk Stadium, Lumberyard, Hospital and even a go kart track.

Check out the official launch trailer here:

So who's going to jump in? Let us know over on Facebook and we might be able to get some trios together.

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