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EPOS B20 Microphone Review

The EPOS B20 is an excellent option for anyone looking for an great entry into streaming or just wants crisper, cleaner audio when playing online with friends. This includes full PS5 support, meaning that even on console you can have streamer quality commentary and chat.

Here's the complete rundown of the EPOS B20 according to EPOS

Step up your microphone, step up your streaming

The EPOS B20 streaming microphone with integrated audio controls gives you full control over your sound with volume, gain, mute and a choice of four pickup patterns - cardioid, stereo, bidirectional and omnidirectional – to cover every recording scenario, from solo game streams to team-play broadcasts.

Intuitive LEDs show when the microphone is active or muted and a headphone jack lets you monitor your voice in real time in balance with game audio, and make adjustments on the fly.

Take your streaming game to the next level with our broadcast quality, hassle-free, digital plug-and-play microphone. A microphone with flexible setup options that will grow and step up with you as you expand and advance on your gaming content creation.

Key Features

Studio quality streaming microphone Captures and transmits your voice and game audio effortlessly

Hassle free USB connection Plug-and-play for hassle-free ease of use

Integrated audio controls Intuitive audio controls right at your fingertips

Choice of four pickup patterns Choose from four microphone pickup patterns to suit any recording scenario

Monitor in real time

Built-in headphone jack for monitoring of your voice and game audio

Product Specifications


Frequency response / 50-20,000 Hz Pick-up pattern / Cardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, Stereo Sensitivity-37 dBV/PA Microphone Sensitivity Tolerance (dB) +/- 3dB Microphone technology / Condenser Microphone (3 condenser capsules) Type / Side-address Microphone Thread size / 3/8” Recording sample and bit rate / 24bit - 48kHz SPL 112dB, 2,5% THD Speaker

Frequency response / 20-20,000 Hz Impedance / > 15 Ω Playback sample and bit rate / 24bit - 96kHz THD / < 0.5% Power output / 20 mW/16 Ω Signal to Noise / 90 dB

Straight out of the box, the B20 is a very sleek, very modern looking microphone, the dark metals and beveled edges really do add a level of class and professionalism to the B20. The manual controls on the side do a very good job of adding functionality without detracting from the overall design of the unit. In the box we get pretty much what you would expect, of course there's the microphone itself, there's a desktop stand, and a USB-C to USB cable included. And that's about it! It is also important to mention that instead of the desktop stand the B20 can be attached to boom arms for greater positioning and control. The B20 also includes an Auxiliary out port on the bottom for connecting headsets.

On the side of the unit you have 4 physical buttons and dials. On the front there's a microphone mute button, you guessed it, to mute the microphone, there's a Volume button to control the volume level of any headsets connected to the B20. And on the rear we have a gain button, which adjusts how loud others will hear your voice and a sound mode which can be changed between modes such as cardioid, for single person broadcasting and even Omnidirectional for broadcasting conversations of multiple people and allowing the microphone to pick up audio equally from all directions.

Let's be clear from the get go, I am using this microphone more as a communication microphone and will use it mainly on PS5. Set up on the PS5 was as simple as plugging in the USB cord. And straight out of the box it is absolutely a clear step up over a gaming headset microphone for example. In fact, last year we named the EPOS GSP670 the best microphone on a gaming headset and well, the B20 is a clear winner here. Connect this microphone to a Windows PC and change a bunch of settings to widen this gap even further. You can change things like noise gate, sidetone, change the sound profile of your voice from warm to clear or a custom EQ depending on preference, and even add reverb etc to your voice. While I am using it mostly on PS5, the B20 is a very versatile microphone and will be perfect for streaming, chatting, podcasting and much more.

There's not a great deal more to say about the B20, it's a distinct improvement over using a headset mic, but for the price, there's probably better options out there. It will cut out a lot of the background noise and will make your voice sound broadcast ready and really clear. If you want to improve your chat game, then the B20 is a very solid option and probably one of the best looking options on the market.

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