Far Cry 6 Review


Developer: Ubisoft Toronto

Publisher: Ubisoft

Reviewed on: PS5

Also available on: PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Release: 6th October 2021

Rating: MA15+

Price: $79.00 - Big W


The Far Cry series is one of my favourite franchises from Ubisoft. Having this latest title set on a relatively fictitious island of Yara allows for a revolution on an island while also being able to have a blast riding around a tropical paradise giving a much needed balance to the series bringing back the fun element while still being able to balance the serious stuff at the same time. While the game isn’t visually what I expected on next gen consoles, the gameplay, story and experience more than make up for this delivering the best Far Cry title made so far.

Players are inserted as Dany Rohas (you can choose male or female) in which you have to try and find a way off the island to be “free’ in the USA living the American dream. While a certain trail of events effectively de-rail this plan, Dany must survive the island and band together with local rebels to take back control from the tyrant Anton Castillo, who is mo-caped by the incredibly talented Giancarlo Esposito. This title however has an introduction that will raise more questions than answers about the region, you are immediately in the middle of a war zone in Esperanza, the hub of Castillo’s dictatorship. Dany has been chosen by the military to die on a plantation as a military abandoner. The state has found a cure for cancer called Viviro, the catch is it is grown and bought to health by using toxic chemicals that cause a lot of people to die during the process.

While you run and crawl through the urban space evading the military and tanks attempting to capture you, Dany gets through the city and onto a boat heading for the USA. Not all goes to plan and through one of the more depressing and shocking escape sequences seen in a game to date, Dany ends up on a tropical island ready to join the fight against Castillo and his militia populating military checkpoints all over the island and surrounding areas.

After a couple of hours of walking around the first island, you really get an idea into what is happening in this region as the map reveals itself and boy is it huge. This looks to be the biggest area in a Far Cry title to date with access to boats, jet skis and other water craft to allow you to travel between islands. You can also access a wide range of cars, trucks, tanks, planes and horses to travel across the sprawling landscape. The biggest addition here are horses, it seems like a really long time coming but it seems to fit in perfectly in this tropical paradise. While the vehicles are fast and loaded with weapons, it is much easier to whip around horseback. It is worth nothing that the horseback riding is also done in first person with interesting camera angles and haptic feedback on the PS5 controller to immerse players into the experience.

Usually the story is at the front of these titles so I was very impressed to see that Far Cry 6 has put the tutorials and allowing exploration to the front of this game, allowing you to dip in and out of the story as much or as little as you want to without forcing interruption. A lot of other games do this or go to the other extreme, Ubisoft have found the right balance with Far Cry 6 and I hope it is something that is utilised in future sequels.

As you travel from island to island, there is a central hub to unlock and this is your resistance base. The bases are expansive with many different merchants available to unlock abilities, call your stored vehicles, upgrade weapons and take on different side quests from the locals that are part of the resistance. You can also build expansions at your base offering things like improved reward opportunities, more loot and new merchant shops. You are restricted to two so make sure you choose wisely, you can however upgrade them as you progress and level up in the game.