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Best Gaming Headsets of 2021

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Here at Gaming Australia, we know the struggle is real when it comes to choosing a quality gaming headset to suit your specific needs. Where do you start? There are just so many on the market and well, the reality is that we are all different in what tops our list of priorities. “Which headset should I get?” is one of the most frequently asked questions within the Gaming Australia community. It’s one that we ourselves have struggled with in the past. The range of extensive feedback that we see everyone provide can also be overwhelming. We’ve all got our favourites so how do you narrow down through all the opinions? We aim to solve this problem for you and that is why we have spent the last 2 months trying as many gaming headsets on the market as possible and compiled a recommendation guide for each and every platform or requirement.

Click on the category below that interests you most, and see which headset takes out that category as winner and the Gaming Australia recommended product. Alternatively, check out each headset’s rating section and ‘bottom line’ to narrow down your own comparisons.

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Audeze Penrose

Price: $399 - Buy me

Key Features:

  • Excellent audiophile quality audio,

  • Audeze 100mm planar magnetic drivers,

  • lossless 2.4GHz low latency connectivity,

  • sleek design,

The Audeze Penrose is the absolutely perfect headset for the PlayStation; it is without a doubt the best sounding headset for both consoles on the market. An impressive mix of incredible 100mm Planar Magnetic drivers, a frequency range that surpasses any other on this list (bar the Audeze Mobius), and very impressive sound deadening in the ear cups that delivers a super crisp, life like audio experience every single time. While the price may seem a little steep for some, The Audeze Penrose is in fact the cheapest headset on the market that includes planar magnetic drivers. If you don't know, a planar magnetic driver or transducer (the device that converts the electrical signal to sound waves) functions differently from dynamic drivers by using a flat diaphragm, rather than a typical cone or dome shaped membrane that you might find in common loudspeakers. These magnetic drivers help deliver rich, vibrant sound and are both louder and lighter than normal drivers, allowing for greater weight reduction in headsets that house them.

They are not the most comfortable or feature rich headset on this list (they are still a very comfortable headset) and the microphone, while performing well on console, is not the best available. What the Audeze Penrose lacks in these areas, it makes up for in sheer audiophile quality audio. Make no mistake, the Audeze Penrose is an audiophile headset first and a gaming headset second.

The Bottom Line

Yes ANC is nice, and yes RGB lighting is cool, but at the end of the day the most important feature of a good set of headphones should always be audio quality, and short of trying them for yourself, there's not really a way to accurately describe just what these sound like. They are just EXCELLENT.

How we rated it: (each category out of 5)

  • Design - 4.5

  • Connectivity - 4

  • Audio Quality - 5

  • Spatial Sound - 4

  • Mic Quality - 4