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Triangle Strategy Review - First Impressions


Developer: Artdink

Publisher: Nintendo, Square Enix

Reviewed on: Nintendoi Switch

Also available on: N/A

Release Date: 4th Match 2022

Rating: M


What’s up everyone, it’s Aaron here from Gaming Australia bringing you my first (no spoilers) impressions of Square-Enix’s newest RPG, Triangle Strategy.

Triangle Strategy is a strategy JRPG developed by Artdink and Square-Enix and published by Square-Enix, and was released on the 4th of March 2022.

I’m currently 15 hours in to Triangle Strategy and I’m here to tell you…. It’s freaking fantastic. The story takes place in the land of Norzelia which is hope to the three nations of Glenbrook, Aestfrost and Hyzante who have recently signed a peace treaty following a long and arduous war 30 years ago formally known as the Saltiron War. Would the peace last? You may have to play the game for yourself to find out!

Triangle Strategy (as the name suggest) employed a strategy turn-based combat system, reminiscent of titles like Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle from years past. It is fast paced, snappy, with a plethora of abilities, magic and yes, strategy to sink your teeth into. The AI is very switched on and very smart either it be on an opposing side of one of your accompanying team-mates, which is honestly refreshing.

The game’s visuals are breathtakingly stunning, with pixel art that that will take you right back to the 90’s. If you’re into graphics such as games like Octopath Traveler, then I guarantee you, like myself, will absolutely adore them. Next up the music and sound design: spoiler, it’s phenomenal. The best example being the music that plays while you’re in towns exploring and talking to townspeople. In short it’s fantastic.

The voice acting is okay. Not the best I’ve heard by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad either.

All in all, this game is an absolute must play for fans of the sub-genre. Granted, as I said I’m only 15 hours in to what will most likely be a 40+ hour game, but if the rest of the game is as enthralling than those first 15 hours, we are in for a ride.

I’ve been Aaron from Gaming Australia, and I look forward to writing for you all again!

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