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Zero Latency Gold Coast's Cyber Monday deal for brand new VR game "Mission Maybee"

Cyber Monday Deal!

Zero Latency Gold Coast are seeming very excited to announce the release of their brand new adventure game Mission Maybee. In fact to celebrate, they are offering a $20 discount on all singularity and Mission Maybee game packages. Offer valid Monday 30th November only. Book now as there's only limited sessions available.

About Mission Maybee:

Developed by Dark Slope, Mission Maybee will have you navigating your way through luminescent woods and underground toxic caverns in order to reach a neon city ferociously guarded by Dr Maybee's robot tower.

THE FATE OF THE WORLD IS IN YOUR HANDS! Prep your team for a journey through an enchanted forest to take down the Maybee Corporation run by a maniacal genius, Dry Maybee, who will stop at nothing to create the perfect species! The by-product of his twisted pursuit is hazardous goo that has poisoned plants, animals and will ultimately cause the destruction of the entire planet. Unless you and your team step in to save the day.

Thanks to Zero Latency Gold Coast, we were lucky enough to try out their state of the art facility in Southport and had a fantastic time. You can read our full review here! Tristan and the team are a great bunch and are more than deserving of your support. Grab your mates, family or co-workers and head on down to Zero Latency Gold Coast today.

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